Top Proofpoint Alternative Services For a Great Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing campaigns are an essential part of any modern business strategy. However, they can be a difficult and expensive process to manage on your own. Fortunately, there are plenty of email marketing services that offer the same benefits as Proofpoint without the high cost. These top proofpoint alternative services will help you get started with great results.

DuoCircle, a company that has its name in the top list of email security service providers is specially designed with features to protect you from phishing scams and spam while also providing protection against spoofing. DuoCircle specializes in Outbound SMTP for ensuring inbox delivery, DKIM Signed mail which can be used as an anti-spoofing measure by adding digital signatures on messages so that they cannot be tampered with during transit without detection.

  • Trustwave

Trustwave, a cloud-native email security gateway with exceptional control and visibility over your resources, is capable of managing and monitoring mail in all kinds of environments. With features like actionable threat intelligence for advanced analytics providing the edge needed to keep up with an ever-changing environment, Trustwave may be one of the best Proofpoint alternatives out there.

Sonicwall’s cloud email security service has helped protect enterprises from several advanced online vulnerabilities delivered through emails. For hackers and attackers, e-mail is one of the most extensively used channels for reaching out to a potential victim organization. With 

Sonicwall Cloud Email Security Service you can secure your company against BEC (business email compromise), ransomware, targeted phishing attacks, and fraud schemes that are commonly carried out over emails - not just spam or messages with attachments. Besides this software helps organizations by mitigating their administrative overhead as it offers seamless management deployment and reporting features which make day to day administration less tedious.

  • Sophos

Sophos email security service is the best in its class. Sophos uses deep learning neural networks embedded with behavioral analysis to block unwanted applications or zero-day malware attacks while also preventing boot-record and first time ransomware attacks plus it comes equipped with URL protection features that have been designed to examine the reputation of any website linked by an incoming mail so you know if your information will be safe before clicking on a link.

  • FireEye

With a name like FireEye, it's no surprise that this company is one of the best Proofpoint alternatives. The endpoint security they offer not only helps secure your organization with intelligence-led protection and effective detection but also from malware and malicious websites. With as many as three engines in place to combat common attacks, there are few threats organizations can't protect against when using this tool—especially advanced ones or sophisticated attackers.

  • Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a robust email hosting software with exceptional privacy and security features. The service is famous for its unobtrusive advertisements, secure data encryption, and customizable business domain names that make the company feel more genuine than ever before! 

Additionally, it's an easy way to block unwanted emails from infiltrating your inbox or set up group aliases without any confusion - so you can focus on what really matters. You're also able to create custom policies based off of Zoho Mail which means fewer worries about managing employee messaging when they aren't at their desktops.

  • INKY

INKY is a powerful cloud-based email security gateway that has been used by some of the largest organizations and enterprises experiencing malware, spam, and phishing attacks. This award winning software blocks sophisticated malicious emails from making their way through an organization's system. Using INKY means your organization can benefit from computer vision or domain specific machine learning to block these zero day threats effectively.

The email security software offers warning banners directly in the mailboxes and warns users about any suspicious emails. It also helps to integrate INKY into an Office 365 organization environment, which is quick and easy for all employees.

To Conclude

The importance of a robust email security defense system cannot be overstated. So many organizations are struggling to keep up with malware, phishing scams and other cyber threats because they don't have the necessary resources. It's encouraging that there are some great proofpoint alternative tools available for those on tight budgets so you can stay safe while not breaking your budget.

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