Benefits of Writing a Book by Dictation

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1) Health Reasons

Writing a book usually consists of many long hours sitting hunched in front of a computer screen or over a notebook, which is terrible for your body. When you dictate your book instead of typing it out, you can stand, walk, and stretch while writing. This is great for your body and makes a job that is usually stationary into one you can move around while doing it, making it much healthier for you, Additionally, if you are injured and bedridden, it may be hard to type out an entire book while laying down, but by writing a book by dictating it, you are able to do it from anywhere. Whether your body needs a break from sitting down hunched over a computer or actually can not sit like that do to an injury, writing a book with diction can be great for you.

2) Writing Speed and Stamina

Almost everyone can talk faster than they write, which means you will write the book faster when writing it with diction rather than traditional methods. On average, people type around forty words per minute but talk anywhere from one hundred to one hundred thirty words per minute. This means you can dictate your book at least three times faster than you can type it.

On top of the fact that you are writing it faster, you will be able to do it for more extended periods of time. Most people will find that their hands get tired when writing or typing pretty quickly, so writers often have to take a break in the middle of their work, but people can talk for hours at a time without getting tired. Dictating your book will increase your stamina significantly, which is beneficial because when you have to stop and restart a lot, restarting will often be difficult.

3) Increased Creativity Level

When starting a new book or even a new chapter, writers can struggle to get the first words on the page. A blank piece of paper can be terrifying and is the cause of many people's writer's block. When you dictate your book, you do not have to stare at a blank paper or document. You can just get started and come back to edit later. Beyond that, writers often find themselves going back and editing what they have already written before they finish the book. This can take so much time and be so demotivating that the book may never get done. When you are speaking a book, you do not have the same desire to stop and go back to edit. You can just keep talking until the book is finished.

4) Saves Time

Writing a book can be a lengthy and challenging process, but dictating your book can save time and frustration. It is said to take an average of 200 hours to write a decent first draft of a novel that is over eight days of straight writing without breaks, but when you dictate your book, you can cut that time in half due to the other benefits of dictating your novel. When using diction to write a novel, you will suffer from less writer's block, spend less time getting the words to paper, and be able to write for more extended periods of time. When you do not have to spend so much time painstakingly getting out of your first draft, writing becomes a joy again.

5) Use Audext Services to Write Your Book

For all these reasons, you should use Audext to write your next book. Audext also converts mp3 to text. Audext can be used to transcribe audio to text. Additionally, it even can identify various speakers. After you have finished a draft or transcription, Audext makes it easy for you to go back in and edit. Each word is connected with a specific timestamp that will play when you click the word, so if there are places that the speaker was misheard, you can fix it easily. Not only can you use Audext for writing a book, but you can use it for interviews, to take notes, transcribe voice memos and recordings, and even for medical use.

Save your time and make writing a much better experience by using Audext for your next book.

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