The Basics of Sleeping With a Pillow

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It's hard for most of us to imagine not sleeping with a pillow, but believe it or not, many actually don't use one. They might be making a big mistake in doing so, however. Here are five reasons why it's better to sleep with a pillow than to go without.


This is the big one and the one most commonly quoted by sleep specialists. Your pillow is mainly designed to keep your neck and shoulders propped up for maximum support while you sleep. This not only keeps you more comfortable and less likely to kink up but also helps to counterbalance points in your body and relieve any pressure you might be experiencing.


Maybe you're just one of those “weird” people who just find a pillow comfortable. I know, crazy right? But if you are such an oddball, your personal preference may dictate any number of pillows you'd find comfy at night. Maybe you're fond of body pillows that hug you from top to bottom (printed images optional) or maybe you prefer the rustic softness of a buckwheat pillow. Whatever you find most enjoyable to cradle your head with.

Body Pillow

It's not just heads that like to be comfy at night; sometimes the whole body enjoys a bit of extra comfort. For some, a body pillow may come in handy. You could have any number of reasons for liking a body pillow; maybe you like the added support, or maybe you like the feeling of snuggling up to something as you go to sleep.

Interestingly, they're also great for stress relief by lowering the heart rate to help release oxytocin which warms us up and calms our nerves when we're feeling stressed and anxious. It's one of the reasons that crawling into bed after a hard day feels extra good when we finally get there. It's a stress reliever, and a body pillow can make all the difference in the stress department.

Body Pillow Benefits

They actually do have a lot of different benefits you might not have considered when you first thought of them. Firstly, they're great for weight distribution and better oxygenation at night, which leads to better and deeper sleep. They're also great for back pain by helping to adjust the spine more naturally while you sleep. The best body pillow is one that you can fully wrap yourself around entirely.

Body Pillow and Pregnancy

If you're a pregnant woman, you might just be interested in looking for a good body pillow while you're waiting for the little bun to arrive. If you prefer to sleep on your side, having a bigger belly from pregnancy can understandably make this a little more difficult. Body pillows help to balance the belly and back together to make side sleeping more comfortable and easier to accomplish.


At the end of the day, a pillow just makes sleeping that much more comfortable, regardless of what kind it is. Do yourself a favor and get a good one. You won't regret it.

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