Four pieces of jewelry that a woman must have in her lifetime

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1. Jadeite

In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", there is a clear record: jade has the functions of "except for heat, dispelling boredom, moistening the heart and lungs, helping the throat, nourishing the hair, raising the five internal organs, dredging the blood, clearing the eyes and ears". This is not superstition! Modern research has found that jade contains a lot of trace elements that are very beneficial to the human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, etc. If you often wear jade monogrammed necklace, these elements can quietly penetrate into the human body, helping you to "beauty, prolong life" .

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2. Diamonds - women's best friends

Diamond powder has long been widely used in cosmetics. It removes dead skin and restores skin to fineness and smoothness. Diamond powder of course we can't afford it, but wearing a diamond infinity name necklace has the same effect.

And more importantly, women can show confidence, elegance and sophistication by wearing diamond engraved necklace. Women love diamonds, not only diamonds are beautiful and expensive, but because she also wants to shine herself, want a life that shines like a diamond. The same is true of ordinary women.

3. Pearls - queen of jewelry

Princess Diana once said: "If I only own a piece of jewelry, it must be a pearl." Pearl my name necklace and woman, born inextricably lover. The pearl-like luster of the moon gives a soft, gentle, sinful feeling. The smooth and moist surface and the round and soft shape are reminiscent of a woman's smooth and lubricated skin and soft and beautiful lines, pearls. It is seen as the embodiment of a woman, because it best reflects the personality and style of women.

In addition to the most important cosmetic value, the pearl's effect can also calm, soothe the nerves and nourish the blood. The blood is full, the skin is smooth, the hair is black, and the spirit is not bad.

4. Ruby

Passionate like a ruby, which woman can refuse it? Ruby represents the honor and love in the traditional sense, so it has the reputation of "stone of love." Its red color is from light to deep, and it is very style. The rarest color is called "pigeon blood red", which is like a burning fire. According to statistics, 1 carat of pigeon blood red ruby monogram ring can be mined in every 400 tons of raw stone, which is precious.

Moreover, medical records indicate that ruby has the function of “removing the cold and filling the heart, nourishing the nerve, detoxifying the eyesight”. Ruby has a greater spiritual effect, and wearing it will give you positive energy!

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