Course Syllabus

Graduate Student and Postdoc Research Communications Boot Camp

A full day boot camp run each fall for Graduate students and postdocs to provide instruction on how to best present data and research to technical and non-technical audiences. Learning objectives for the research communications series are for students by the end of the series to be able to:

  • use effective approaches to tailor research communications for non-specialist audiences
  • employ best practices to develop data figures and tables so that broad audiences can access and understand the data presented
  • utilize social media platforms to broaden the reach of one's research

Registration for competitive entry boot camp is required, and a selection committee will make selections for the program. Applications for the Fall 2019 boot camp can be completed through this link. Participants are expected to attend the entire boot camp if selected. Registered participants will have access to workshop materials, including presentation slides.  

There will be no formal assessments during the boot camp, however, participants will be asked to complete an evaluation survey following the program to provide feedback, to gauge quality of each session, and to evaluate whether learning objectives were achieved.

The final schedule for the boot camp will be sent to selected participants. The boot camp will run from 8:30 AM - 4 PM on October 18 in the Higgins House. The topics covered include:

Using Stories to communicate Research
Data Visualization
Using Social Media to Communicate Research
Communicating with the public about research
How to work with policy-makers/decision-makers
Getting research funded - Foundations and Federal Agencies
Research pitches

Course Summary:

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