Course Syllabus

Graduate Research Communications Series I and II

A two part series run each fall for Graduate students and postdocs to provide instruction on how to best present data and research to technical and non-technical audiences. Part I of the series is intended for masters students and early stage PhD students that are interested in learning foundational research communications skills. Part II of the series is intended for PhD students and postdocs that are interested in learning how to communicate their research to the public and broaden the reach of their research. Learning objectives for the research communications series are for students by the end of the series to be able to:

Research Communications Series I (foundational research communications skills):

  • employ best practices when designing and delivering a presentation, including a research seminar
  • write clear scholarly compositions
  • comprehend the purpose and format of each section of a research manuscript 
  • differentiate the various steps in the research manuscript journal submission and peer review process

Research Communications Series II (communicating research to broad audiences):

  • use effective approaches to tailor research communications for non-specialist audiences
  • employ best practices to develop data figures and tables so that broad audiences can access and understand the data presented
  • utilize social media platforms to broaden the reach of one's research

Registration for each of the two series is required, as space is limited. Each part has separate registrations. Registration for part I of the series (foundational research communications skills) can be completed through this link. Registration for part II of the series (communicating research to broad audiences) can be completed through this link. Participants in each part of the series are expected to attend at least two sessions in that part and will receive a certificate of completion for meeting this attendance requirement for each part of the series. Registered participants will have access to workshop materials, including presentation slides.  

There will be no formal assessments during the series, however, participants will be asked to complete an evaluation survey following the series to provide feedback, to gauge quality of each session, and to evaluate whether learning objectives were achieved.

The schedule for part I and part II of the 2018 Research Communication series has been posted below. 

Part I:

9/25/18, 2-3 PM in Kaven Hall 116, Research and conference seminars, led by Amity Manning (WPI BBT faculty)

10/2/18, 3-4 PM in Kaven Hall 116, Sentence level Writing Skills, led by Ryan Madan (WPI Writing Center)

10/9/18, 3-4 PM in Kaven Hall 116, Strategies in writing and submitting a research manuscript, led by Aaron Deskins (WPI CM Faculty) 

Part II:

11/1/18, 4-5 PM in Gateway Park I (60 Prescott St) room 1002, Communicating research to broad audiences, led by Ericka Peterson, Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at Columbia University

11/8/18, 4-5 PM in Gateway Park I (60 Prescott St) room 1002, Data Visualization and figure preparation, led by Lane Harrison (WPI CS Faculty) 

11/15/18, 4-5 PM in Gateway Park I (60 Prescott St) room 1002, Using social media to broaden reach of one's research, WPI faculty panel




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