Course Syllabus

Graduate Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Series
A multi-session series run every other spring to bolster leadership skill development through interactive workshops on personality type and self-awareness, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, team dynamics, conflict management and negotiation, organizational leadership, as well as project and time management. The LEAD series will be offered again in Spring 2020. Learning objectives for the leadership series are for students following the series to be able to:

  • Complete a personality type assessment
  • Identify areas of personal growth needed to improve leadership abilities
  • Describe various leadership roles necessary for organization to operate efficiently and ways in which leaders can effectively lead an organization
  • Utilize emotional self-awareness and positive interpersonal behaviors to effectively manage conflicts
  • Employ positive interpersonal behaviors and inclusive practices in team settings and leadership roles
  • Use strategic methods to effectively negotiate win-win agreements
  • Put into practice sound time and project management strategies with research and other professional projects
  • Develop a personal leadership vision statement and an individual leadership development plan to improve leadership skills needing attention


Registration for the series is required, as space is limited to 50 participants. The next Grad LEAD series will take place in the 2019-2020 academic year and further information about the program, including how to register will be posted at the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year. Participants in the series are expected to attend at least 75% the sessions and will receive a certificate of completion for meeting this attendance requirement. Registered participants will be added to the Grad LEAD Canvas site and will have access to workshop materials, including presentation slides.  

There will be no formal assessments during the series, however, participants will be asked to complete an evaluation survey following the series to provide feedback and to gauge quality of the session and whether learning objectives were achieved. Participants are required to complete an MBTI personality type assessment online (~45 minutes) prior to the first session. Participants will also be required to write a personal leadership vision statement and will receive peer feedback on this statement during the last class session.   

For reference, the 2017 Grad LEAD series schedule has been posted below. 

All sessions occurred in Goat's Head Restaurant from 12-1:30 PM on dates indicated (all but one session are Tuesdays), with a free lunch provided:

3/13/18 MBTI and Personality Types, Self-Awareness and Leadership Development, led by Rory Flinn (WPI Graduate Studies) 

3/16/18 (*Note this session is on a Friday) Team Dynamics, led by Charlie Morse (WPI SDCC)

3/20/18 Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, and Interpersonal Skills, led by Carol Edelstein (Leadership Consultant) 

3/27/18 Project and Time Management, led by Jamie Monat (WPI CPE, Systems Engineering, and Fosie Business School Faculty)

4/3/18 Organizational Leadership led by Sharon Wolf (WPI Fosie Business School Faculty)

4/10/18 Negotiation, led by Bill Krien (WPI Fosie Business School Faculty)

4/17/18 Personal Leadership Development, led by Rory Flinn (WPI Graduate Studies) 

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